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Transcribed Wills - Notes for Transcribers

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Submitting a Will

We are very happy to receive wills from anyone for inclusion on these pages. It is not necessary for the submitter to be a member of Oxfordshire Family History Society. The only criterion is that the will must have some relevance to Oxfordshire (including the area formerly in North Berkshire, that was transferred to Oxfordshire in 1974). If you have any wills you have transcribed that meet this criterion, do please consider submitting them for inclusion here.

Do not worry if you have not managed to transcribe part of a will, or indeed have not been able to make any sense of it at all. We are still happy to receive an image of the original and may well be able to help you interpret it.

In general we are happy to receive wills by any mechanism that suits you. In the first instance we suggest you send an email to wills@ofhs.org.uk We can then send you details about how best to send the transcript to us.

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