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This area of the OFHS web site contains the transcribed texts of wills, administrations and other testamentary documents, relating to Oxfordshire, which have been generously donated by their transcribers. Do you have any that you would be prepared to donate? If so, please click here for contact details.

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Location of Original Documents
The majority of the transcripts presented here will be from originals held in one of two places, as indicated in the heading of the transcript:
  • ORO or OHC - designates Oxfordshire Record Office (ORO) or Oxfordshire History Centre (OHC) where you will find wills proved locally, when the deceased's property was all within the diocese. During 2011, Oxfordshire Record Office was renamed Oxfordshire History Centre and the web address changed.
    The link here will direct you to their new web site at: http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/oxfordshirehistory
    Scans of the original probate documents held at Oxfordshire History Centre may be purchased directly from OHC via the
    Staff-operated copying service on their web site.
  • NWI - Scans of the original probate documents held at Oxfordshire History Centre may be purchased from Origins.net's National Wills Index. The Oxford Wills Collection index is free to search. Original document images are available to purchase and view online.
  • TNA - designates The National Archives where you will find wills proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, when the deceased's property was in more than one diocese. Such wills may be searched on-line and copies purchased, via the Wills page of the National Archives web site.
For the small number of transcripts from originals located elsewhere, refer to the details given in the heading, using the GENUKI web site mentioned above, or your favourite internet search engine, if the repository is not familiar to you.

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