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Will of Alice ELLIOT of Deddington

Will unknown   Probate 1638

Source: ORO no. 20/3/15; 200.146
Contributed by: Geoff Bowles Go to Translation Go to Transcript
Alice ELLIOT widow of Deddington

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Alice ELLIOT of Deddington
John ELLIOTHusbandDeceased
unnamed1st HusbandDeceased
Priscilla HOLDINGDaughter[with 2 unnamed sons legatees]
Thomas HOLDINGSon-in-lawBKM Tingewick
Hannah ELLIOTDaughter (Exec)
Anne HOBSONDaughter[with unnamed ch legatees]
Marke BARTONBrother
Richard BARTONNephew[s Mark]
Anne FLETCHERLegatee
Thomas FLETCHERMentionDeddington [husband of Anne]
Thomas NUTTOverseer
William FORBOSSEOverseer
Elizabeth DOLTONMention
Thomas APPLETREE SrMention
Thomas APPLETREE JrMention
Thomas NUTTWitness
William FORBOSSEWitness
Probate Oxford 1638 (no details transcribed)
Transcriber's Notes
  Translated and paragraphed.
Abstracted from a copy of the original document.
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Alice ELLIOT widow of Deddington
  • buried near to 'first' husband
  • dau. Priscilla [Holding], clothes, her two sons 20/- each when 18
  • daughter Hannah Elliot
  • son-in-law Thomas Holding 10/-
  • dau. Anne Hobson 10/-, to each of her children 5/-
  • brother Marke Barton, a book called 'a Guest for the Soule'
  • Richard Barton, my brother's son and my godson a book called 'Imitation of Christ' wishing him to read it and follow it.
  • Anne Fletcher, wife of Thomas Fletcher of Dadington, clothes
  • the rest to dau. Hannah Elliot exec,
  • overseers neighbours Thomas Nutt and William Forbosse
  • 'I do nominate and appoint my two daughters Hannah Elliot and Priscilla Holding, wife of Thomas Holding of Tingewick, Bucks husbandman to be admitted tenants of the messuage and two yardlands in Hempton after the death of Elizabeth Dolton widow -- --- of one obligation bearing date --- --- Thomas Appletree the elder, Thomas Appletree the younger, John Elliot deceased my late husband
  • signed Alice Elliot
  • Witnesses. Thomas Nutt, William Forbosse
Probate Oxford 1638 (no details transcribed)
  No Transcript is available: the above was abstracted from a copy of the original document.
It is believed that no names have been omitted.