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Will of William GODWIN of [not recorded]

Will 12 Jan 1625/26 (see Note)   Probate 24 Nov 1628

Source: ORO no: 39/4/4
Contributed by: Drucilla Loader Smith Go to Translation Go to Transcript
William Godwin, husbandman

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
William GODWIN [not recorded]
Christopher TOWNEMention
Rachel TOWNEMention[w Christopher]
Robert TOWNEMention[s Christopher]
Christopher TOWNEMention[s Christopher]
Rachel TOWNEMention[d Christopher]
Jeffrey TOWNEMention[s Christopher]
Agnes TOWNEMention[d Christopher]
widow YORKMention
widow ANDREWSMention
Helen HEYFEYDMention[with dau]
William KEENEMentionminister of Sydenham
Richard HAYLEYOverseer
Probate 24 Nov 1628 (no other details extracted)
Inventory 2 7s 8d
Transcriber's and Editor's Notes
No relationships at all are given.
The year of the will is given in the extract as Charles I. It must refer to Charles the First rather than the Second, but does it mean the first year of Charles the First, or not? If so, it must be 1625/26 -- if not, it could also be 1626/27 or 1627/28.
  Translated and paragraphed.
with some of the standard preamble and "legalese" removed.
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William Godwin, husbandman
Probate 24 Nov 1628 (no other details extracted)
Inventory 2 7s 8d
  As transcribed from a copy of the original document.
Original line- and page-breaks are not preserved.
No Transcript is available.
This data was extracted for the contributor by Mr David Vaisey of the Bodleian, 1967-68.
It is incomplete, inasmuch as witnesses are not included -- other omissions are possible.
All names with no "relationship" given are listed above as "Mention"