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Will of Hannah HOPCRAFT of Deddington

Will not available   Probate 3 Apr 1802

Source: TNA no. IR26/398
Contributed by: Jon Malings Go to Translation Go to Transcript
Probate record re Hannah HOPCRAFT of Deddington, widow.

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Hannah HOPCRAFT Deddington
James HOPCRAFTMention (Exec)
Ann HOPCRAFTNiece[wife of James]
John HOPCRAFTGreat-nephew[s James & Ann]
Mary HOPCRAFTGreat-niece[d James & Ann]
Hannah HOPCRAFTGreat-niece[d James & Ann]
Richard HOPCRAFTGreat-nephew[s James & Ann]
James HOPCRAFTGreat-nephew[s James & Ann]
Thomas James HOPCRAFTLegatee
Probate 3 Apr 1802
Effects under 100
Transcriber's Notes
This Probate record comes under IR26, the Estate Duty Register. The records are in a fixed tabular layout -- no attempt has been made at a word-by-word transcript.
The data has been edited to fit the format of this website, but nothing important has been omitted.
  Translated and paragraphed.
with some of the standard preamble and "legalese" removed.
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Probate record re Hannah HOPCRAFT of Deddington, widow.
  • (Executor) James Hopcraft
  • (Legatees) John, Mary, Hannah, Richard, James -- sons or daughters of James Hopcraft by Ann his wife (testatrix's Niece) -- 10 each
  • (Residue) Thos James Hopcraft -- All the residue subject to payment of her debts, legacies and funeral & testamentary expenses
Probate 3 Apr 1802
Effects under 100
  As transcribed from a copy of the original document.
Original line- and page-breaks are preserved as far as possible.