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Will of Anne LITTLEPAGE of Kingston Blount

Will 29 Aug 1681   Probate 1 May 1684

Source: OHC no. W.Comm.I. 91.388; 42/2/4
Contributed by: Peter White Go to Translation Go to Transcript
... I Anne Littlepage of Kingston Blunt ... widow ... sick and weak of body ...

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Anne LITTLEPAGE Kingston Blount
Robert LITTLEPAGEHusbandDeceased
Robert LITTLEPAGESon[under 21]
Richard GREVETTFather Trustee (Exec)
Will BLEWETTWitness
John JOHNSONWitness

Probate 1 May 1684 MDX Heston ... Richard Grevett father and sole Executor ...
Transcriber's and Editor's Notes
There is a third witness, but cut off at the bottom of the scan so illegible.
The following details are believed to be true but should not be totally relied upon:
Testatrix: Wife of Robert (1680 qv)
  Translated and paragraphed.
with some of the standard preamble and "legalese" removed.
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... I Anne Littlepage of Kingston Blunt ... widow ... sick and weak of body ...
  • I give the lease of my parsonage, messuage, arable lands, meadow, pasture and wood ground in Aston Rowant, with all their rights etc, whoever occupies them and however many acres are included, to my dear father Richard Grevett and his Executors etc Upon Trust as follows:
    • Out of the rents etc to pay all the remaining debts and payments ordered to be paid under the will of my late husband Robert Littlepage.
    • To account for the surplus of the rents etc with my son Robert when he reaches 21, but no sooner.
  • I give all my goods, chattels, rings, plate, household stuff and personal estate to my son Robert, to be delivered to him at 21.
    If he dies before that age I give [all of it] to my dear father Richard Grevett for his own use.
  • I give 5 to be equally divided between the parishes of MDX Heston (where I was born) and Aston (where I now live), to be disposed to several poor people in those parishes at the discretion of my Executor.
  • I make my dear and loving father Richard Grevett sole Executor ... revoking all former wills.

  • Witnesses Will Blewett; John Johnson, [see Note]
Probate 1 May 1684 MDX Heston ... Richard Grevett father and sole Executor ...
  As transcribed from a copy of the original document.
Original line- and page-breaks are preserved as far as possible.
In the Name of God Amen I Anne Littlepage of Kingston Blunt in the
parish of Aston in the County of Oxon widd' being sick and weake of body but
of good and perfect mind and memory blessed be god Doe make and ordeine this my
last will and Testam't in manner and forme following And first and principly I doe
seriously Com'itt and Com'end my soul into the hands of the Almighty god my
most gratious Maker hopeing through the Meritorious Death and passion of
my most blessed & onely Redeemer Jesus Christ to inherite Eturnall life And
my body I Com'itt unto the Earth to be decently buried As shall seem good to my
Executor hereafter named And as to the disposing of my Outward & Temporall
estate wherew'th it hath pleased god to blesse me I give devise and bequeath As
followeth (viz't) Imprimis I give & devise unto my dear ffather Richard
Grevett his Executors & assignes All That my Lease of all my Parsonage Messuage
Arrable Lands Meadowe Pasture & wood ground w'th all and every their Rights
members and appurten'ces scituate & being in the the said parish of Ashton [sic] & in
whosoever tenure the same shalbe and whatsoever quantity of Acres the same
doe & shall conteine Uppon Trust & Confidence Neverthelesse in my said dear
ffather Reposed That he my said dear father his Exec'rs or assignes shall pay &
discharge All the debts & paym'ts Left & Ordered to be paid by the last will and
Testam't of Robert Littlepage My late husband deceased out of the Rents Issues
& profitts of the p'misses w'th all paym'ts Charges & needfull reimbursem'ts in & about
the same, And shall & will Account & reccon w'th my said sonne Robert when he
shall Atteine the full Age of One & Twenty yeares & no sooner for the over
plus of the Rentes Issues & profitts of the said Estate And I doe further give &
[crease damage] unto my said sonne Robert All my goods Chattles, rings, plate, goods &
personall Estate whatsoever & wheresoever w'ch shalbe mine att the time of my
decease to be delivered to him att the time or Age of One & Twenty yeares
by my Ex'or hereafter named And if my said sonne Robert shall happen to dye
before he shall come unto & Atteine the full Age of One & Twenty years Then
I doe hereby declare my will & mind to be that all my said goods Chattells rings
plate & howsehould stuffe shall come unto my said [deletion] dear father Richard
Grevett as his owne proper goods & Chattells And alsoe I doe further give and
bequeath unto the Two parishes of Heston in the County of Midd' where I
was born & the parish of Ashton where I now live the sum'e of ffive pounds
of Lawfull English money equally to be devided betweene them & to be disposed
to severall poor people in the same parishes att the decretion of my Executor
hereafter named And I doe Lastly make & nominate my dear & Loveing
ffather Richard Grevett full & sole Executor of this my last will and Testam't
Revokeing all other & former will & wills by me made In wittnesse whereof
I the said [long deletion] Anne Littlepage unto this my last
will & Testam't have sett my hand & seale This Nine & Twentyeth day of
August In the Three & Thirtyeth year of the Reigne of our Sov'eigne
Lord King Charles the Second over England &c Annoq' D'ni 1681.

Sealed deliv'ed published & declared by
the said Anne Littlepage to be her last
will and Testam't in the p'sence of

Will Blewett
John Johnson                      Am [sic] Littllpage
[illegible -- see Note]

Probat' &c 1'o Maij 1684 apud Heston in Com' Midd' Vigore
Commissa Coram Hieronimo Alley Clerico ibidem Vigore Commissionis
Vene'lis Viri Henrici Alworth LL D'ris et D'ni Epi' Oxon Vicar
in Spu'bus g'ralis &c jur'to Ricardi Grevett Patris et Execut'
unic' &c Cui commissa fuit .............................................
................................................................................ ..........