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Inventory of Ellen MAUNDER of Clifton

Will none   Inventory 18 Nov 1624

Source: ORO no. 44/1/25
Contributed by: Anon Go to Translation Go to Transcript
... an Inventory of the goods ... of Ellen Maunder of Clifton ... widow ...

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Ellen MAUNDER Clifton
William GARNERDebtor
Henry MAUNDERMention[with children]
William TEYAppraiser
John MERCERAppraiser
Luke SWETNAMAppraiser
Inventory taken 18 Nov 1624, value: 12 13s 4d
Exhibited: not transcribed
Transcriber's and Editor's Notes
This transcript is one of a number donated to ORO by various researchers over the years, which have now been passed on to OFHS for wider circulation.
Original transcriber not recorded.
The document consists of an Inventory only.
  Translated and paragraphed.
with some of the standard preamble and "legalese" removed.
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... an Inventory of the goods ... of Ellen Maunder of Clifton ... widow ...

Inventory taken 18 Nov 1624 by William Tey, John Mercer, Luke Swetnam
Inventory value: 12 13s 4d
Exhibited: not transcribed
  As transcribed from a copy of the original document.
Original line- and page-breaks are not preserved.
A true & perfect Inventory of the goodes & chattells of Ellen Maunder late of Clifton in the County of Oxon wideowe deceased taken the eighteenth daie of November Anno domini 1624 by us William Tey John Mercer and Luke Swetnam.

Imprimis the mony in her purse & her apparellxls
Item the bedd that shee lay on with all the furniturexiijs
Item another bed with all the furniturexxs iiijd
Item five paire of sheetesxxiiijs
Item two borde clothes, ij two [sic] towells
   ij napkinsvjs viijd
Item five coffers with other lumber that is in
   the chambervijs
Item three little barrells & iij firkins with
   other lumber in the butteryeviijs
Item two cowles a yealinge fatte & a meele bowleviijs
Item the table & the cupbord in the hall & ij
   formes with the shelfe & other lumberxs
Item all the brassetxxxs
Item all the peawtervs
Item the spitt andirons & the brandironijs
Item one hovill with all the ledgers & the fuell
   on itt & under yttxiijs iiijd
Item three poundes twelve shillinges which William   
   Garner oweth to Henrye Maunders childreniijli xijs
      Sum total    xijli xiijs iiijd