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Admon with Inventory re Thomas SWETMAN of Clifton

Inventory 3 Apr 1632 (Exhib 5 Apr 1632)   Admon: 5 Apr 1632

Source: ORO no. I. 107.13; 300/1/50
Contributed by: Jean Forrester Go to Translation Go to Transcript
NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Thomas SWETMAN Clifton
Luke? SWETMANAdministrator
William TEY?Appraiser
William RAND??Appraiser
John ELLIOTTAppraiser
Inventory taken 3 Apr 1632, value: 24 0s 8d
Exhibited: 5 Apr 1632 Chipping Norton Visitation ... Luke? Swetman administrator ...

Admon: 5 Apr 1632 ... Luke? Swetnam ...
Transcriber's Notes
The surname is spelt as SWETNAM and SWETMAN but ORO use the latter in their index.
This document includes a full Inventory.
  Translated and paragraphed.
with some of the standard preamble and "legalese" removed.
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. . . . Administration of the goods of Thomas Swetnam of Clifton . . . Luke? Swetnam ... Willm Tey? . . .

An Inventory . . . of the goods of Thomas Swetman of Clifton husbandman . . .

Inventory taken 3 Apr 1632 by William Tey? Willm T Rand?? John Elliott
Inventory value: 24 0s 8d
Exhibited: 5 Apr 1632 Chipping Norton Visitation ... Luke? Swetman administrator ...
  As transcribed from a copy of the original document.
Original line- and page-breaks are preserved as far as possible.
5 Apl 1632
Ad'o bonorum Thome Swetnam __ de Clifton
comissa Luco? Swetnam
Willm Tey? fide ____

The iij day of Aprill Anno d'ni 1632

An Inventory made & taken of the goods and Chattells of Thomas
Swetman of Clyfton in the Countie of Oxon Husbandman
(deceased) The day and yeere first above written And praysed
by those p'sons whose names are hereunder wrytten

Imprimis his wearing Apparrell & in Ready moneyxiijs iiijd
            In the Chamber
            over the Parlor
It' A standing bedsted and bedinge thereon
   a trucle bed 2? Coffers and all other things
   in the said Chamber at xxs
It' iiij p'r __ sheete and all other Lynen Wares at xxxs
            In the Parlour
Itm a ffeather bed ij boulsters j blanket j Coverled
   & a joyned bedsted att xxxiijs iiijd
It' a litle table & frame a forme a wollen wheele
   & a linen wheele att vjs viijd
            In the Kitchen
It' a boulting ion? _ barrells kevers and all lumber att xs
It' all Pewter & brasse att xxvjs viijd
            In the Chamber over the kitchen
It' ij old Chests [erased] wooll & all other things there att vs
It' xvij sheepe att iiijli
It' An old mare & ij p'r? geares? xxviijs iiijd
It' ij kyne & Calves att vli
It' wheate thrasht & unthrasht barley & pease all at iiijli xs
It' p'ts of Carts & utinsells of husbandry att timber
   & wod all att xxviijs
It' Pullen? att xijd
It' Syethes & Iron wares iijs iiijd
                                                     Sum is xxiiijli viijd

William Tey?
Willm T Rand??
John Elliott

Ex'tum fuit hui'md' Inv'm apud Chipping
norton in visitacion Lent'? quinto
die mensis Aprilis 1632 Lucu? Swetman
p'rem? et ad'rem &c .............................