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Will of Luke SWETNAM of Deddington Clifton

Will unknown   Probate 1639

Source: ORO no. 148/4/6; 200.314
Contributed by: Geoff Bowles Go to Translation Go to Transcript
Luke SWETNAM husbandman of Deddington Clifton

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Luke SWETNAM Deddington Clifton
Dorothy SWETNAMWife
Luke SWETNAMSonLondon
James SWETNAMGrandson[s Luke]
Judith SWETNAMGranddaughter[d Luke]
George SWETNAMGrandson
Catherine SWETNAMGranddaughter
Dorothy SWETNAMGranddaughter
Dorothy JUDDaughter
Thomas JUDSon-in-lawBanbury
Ezekhill JUDGrandson[s Thomas]
Thomas JUDGrandson[s Thomas]
Mary JUDGranddaughter[d Thomas]
Elizabeth JUDGranddaughter[d Thomas]
Katherine SWETNAMDaughter (Exec)
Richard HARRISWitness
Nicholas SWETNAMWitness
Probate Oxford 1639 (no details transcribed)
Transcriber's Notes
  Translated and paragraphed.
Abstracted from a copy of the original document.
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Luke SWETNAM husbandman of Deddington Clifton
  • son Luke Swetnam of the City of London 10/-
  • wife Dorothy
  • dau. Dorothy Jud, wife of Thomas Jud of Banbury 10/-
  • Ezekhill, Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth Jud, children of Thomas Jud 5/- each
  • grandchildren George Swetnam 5, Catherine Swetnam 3, Dorothy Swetnam 40/-
  • James and Judith Swetnam, children of son Luke of London 5/-
  • daughter Katherine Swetnam exec. and residue
  • signed Luke Swetnam
  • Witnesses. Richard Harris, Nicholas Swetnam
Probate Oxford 1639 (no details transcribed)
  No Transcript is available: the above was abstracted from a copy of the original document.
It is believed that no names have been omitted.