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Will of Brome WHORWOOD of Holton

Will 26 Aug 1682   Probate 17 Nov 1684

Source: TNA no. PROB11/378
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... Brome Whorwood of Holton Esq ... somewhat indisposed as to my health ...

NameRelationship[Comments] or Major Bequests
Brome WHORWOOD Holton
Diana MASTERDaughter
Edward MASTERSon-in-law (Exec)
Thomas WHORWOODSon[illeg, son of Katherine ALLEN -- see Notes]
Katherine ALLENLegatee Servant (Exec)[see Notes]
Richard HOLLOWAYWitness
Richard PLAYDELL?Witness
William ALMONTWitness

Probate 17 Nov 1684 London (PCC) ... Catherine Allen one of the Executors ... power reserved to Edward Master the other Executor ... after an earlier judgement on the value of the will ...
Transcriber's and Editor's Notes
Died 12 Apr 1684, buried at Holton.
He led a rather complicated life ...
Lord of the Manors of Headington and Holton, and MP for Oxford four times.
His estranged wife Jane is believed to have been a mistress of King Charles I.
His servant Katherine Allen was his mistress, the mother of Thomas Allen aka Whorwood.
There is a line of Latin at the beginning:, meaning "Sentence was passed on the value of this will, Trinity term 1684" -- it is also mentioned in the Probate note.
Perhaps the family went to Court about the mistress or her son getting so much.
If so, they apparently failed -- the full "sentence" is also available in PROB11 for anyone interested.
  Translated and paragraphed.
with some of the standard preamble and "legalese" removed.
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... Brome Whorwood of Holton Esq ... somewhat indisposed as to my health ...
  • My body is to be buried in the parish church of Holton.
  • My son-in-law Edward Master, LL D, and his wife Diana are to have the use of all my goods, household stuff and plate now in at my Manor House of Holton during their lives, leaving it in as good condition as at my death (except for wearing apparel).
  • After the decease of the survivor I give [all the above] to my natural or reputed son Thomas Whorwood and his Executors etc, whom I require to take and be called by the name of Whorwood according to a deed to that purpose made by me to him.
  • I give all my household goods in or about my house at Headington called The Farmhouse, also all the corn, hay, cattle and utensils of husbandry used on the lands of that farm, to my trusty and careful good servant Mrs Katherine Allen.
  • I give all the residue of my Testamentary estate, chattels real and personal, but charged with the payment of any other legacies that I may think fit to add by any codicil(s), to be equally divided between Dr Edward Master and Mrs Katherine Allen whom I appoint my Executors.
    I declare that I make my son-in-law Dr. Master one of my Executors in full satisfaction of whatever may be due to him on any account with regard to his marrying my daughter.

  • Witnesses Richard Holloway; Richard Playdell? William Almont
Probate 17 Nov 1684 London (PCC) ... Catherine Allen one of the Executors ... power reserved to Edward Master the other Executor ... after an earlier judgement on the value of the will ...
  As transcribed from a copy of the original document.
Original line- and page-breaks are preserved as far as possible.
Tm Brome Whorwood

[In the margin:]
Sententia lata pro valore hujus test'i Sessione Trin'tu' 1684

In the Name of God Amen Brome
Whorwood of Holton in the County of Oxon Esq're being somewhat indisposed as to my
health but of good and perfect mind and memory considering the incertaintie of this
life Doe make and ordeine this my last Will and Testament in writing in manner
following And first of all I Commend my Soule to God that gave it hopeing for remission of
my sinns by the meritts death and passion of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and in
the world to come life everlasting And for my body I com'itt it to the earth to bee
decently buried at the discretion of my Executrix hereinafter named in the parish
Church of Holton aforesaid And as touching that personall estate which it hath
pleased God to blesse mee withall I dispose thereof as followeth that is to say I
hereby give and declare my will and meaning to bee that my sonne in law Edward
Master Dr. of Law and Diana his wife shall have the use of all my goods
household stuffe and plate of what nature or kind soever now in being & in use or
belonging to my Mannor house of Holton aforesaid dureing their lives and the life of the
longest liver of them leaveing the same in as good plight and Condition as the same
are or shall bee at the time of my death, wearing only excepted and from and after
their decease and the Decease of the Survivor of them I give and bequeath the
said goods, household stuffe and plate aforesaid to my naturall or reputed sonne
Thomas Whorwood his executors and Administrators whom I hereby enioyne and
require to take upon him and bee called by the name of Whorwood according to a deed
or gr't to that purpose heretofore by mee to him made under my hand and seale Item
I give and bequeath unto my trusty and carefull good servant Mary Katherine
Allen All my household goods of what kind soever as are now or shall bee left
by mee in or about my house at Heddington in the said County of Oxon called the
ffarmehouse and also all the Corne Hay Cattle and Utensills of husbandry used
and occupied upon the Lands belonging to the said farme now in my possession
And I doe hereby make ordeine constitute and appoint the said Doctor Edw'd
Master and Mrs Katherine Allen my Executors of this my Will to whom I
give all the rest & residue of my Testamentary estate of what nature or kind
soever consisting of Chattells reall or personall to bee equally divided betweene
them share and share like Charged or Chargeable neverthelesse with the paym't
of such other legacy or legacies as shall be by mee given by any Codicill or Codicills
that I shall thinke fit to make or adde to this my Will And I hereby declare
that I make my sonne Dr. Master one of my Executors in full satisfac'con of
what is or shall bee due to my said sonne Dr. Master upon any Accompt whatsoev'
in reference to his marrieing of my said Daughter In witnesse whereof I have
hereunto sett my hand and seale this six and twentieth day of August in the
foure and thirtieth yeare of his Ma[jes]ties Reigne that now is and in the yeare of our
Lord God One thousand six hundred eighty two. Brome Whorwood. Signed
sealed published and declared to bee the last Will and Testament of the said
Brome Whorwood in the presence of Rich'd Holloway Richard Playdell? Will.

Probatum fuit hu'mo'i test'um apud London Decimo Septimo die
mensis Novembris Anno Domini Millesimo Sexcen'mo Octoge'mo quarto Coram
ven'li viro Domino Richardo LLoyd Milite legume D'c'ore Surrogato ven'lis et
egregii viri Domini Leolini Jenkins Militis legum etiam D'c'oris Curiae
Praerogativae Cantuarien's Mag'ri Custodis sive Commissarij l'time constituti

Juramento Catherinae Allen unius Executorum in d'c'o test'o nominat' Cui Com'issa
fuit Administratio omnium et singulorum bonorum iurium et creditorum d'c'i def'ti
de bene et fideliter Administrando eadem ad S'cta Dei Evangelia Jurat Lata
prius Senia? Diffiva? pro valore et validitate d'c'i testam'ti pro ut ex actis Curiae
liquet Reservata tamen potestate similem Commissioniem faciendi ven'li viro
Eduardo Master legum D'c'ori alteri Execut' in eodem test'o no'i'at' - - - - - - -
- - cum venerit eand'm petitur.